You Said We Did

Below are examples of recent actions we have taken from your feedback.

You Said

We Did

The one to one rooms in North hub need to be more children and young people friendly.

Asked young people in our open access groups to create artwork to be displayed.

Change group times during half term from 10-12pm as this was too early.

We changed the group times to 12-2pm.

More privacy needed in the waiting room

Had the windows decorated making it not only children and young person friendly but more private.

More things to do while waiting in reception.

We provided magazines, pencils, colouring books, chalk board and leaflets.

Want to be able to do some exercise without fearing attending the Gym alone.

Introduced attending the Gym every Wednesday as a group... Excellent result in terms of improving Mental and Physical health and well-being levels.

Want healthy eating and cooking on a budget sessions.

Introduced them each Monday.

Wanted to have the chance to let peers know more about who they are, likes, hobbies etc.

Introduced 'Geek hour' which through staff & group encouragement gave young people a little more confidence in public speaking.

Young people expressed the wish to dance more.

Brought in an external provider who gave young people information around a Free Dance programme. Young people get the opportunity to express themselves through singing and dancing in our groups.

More sessions that don't involve "audiences"

Young people have asked for more in-house delivery that doesn't split the group. Staff have agreed to deliver more sessions ourselves around topics that young people have chosen in 2018.

More cooking opportunities in GYRO group

Staff have been asking young people to pick some ingredients that we can provide to make a meal for the group the following week. Staff then supervise the young person to cook a meal for the group on a small budget.

Access to binders

We have had a donation from 'gc2b' of 50 binders that young people who access our LGBTQ+ groups may be able to access once they have chatted to staff about binding safely and if appropriate, have parental consent.

To make comics and zines

We have continued to work with Comics Youth in THE Action Youth to create trans themed zines and to eventually create a book that will have been created by trans young people.