Recent Feedback

YPAS aims to deliver the highest possible service to children, young people and families. We accept that you may want to make a complaint, compliment or comment on the service you received past or present. please use our online form to do so:

Here is some recent feedback we wanted to share:

YPAS have always been here to help me and my friends when we have needed it, they offer great services and they deserve more funding

YPAS has been a major help for me over the last few years. It has helped me build my self-esteem and made my mental health much better. The workers there are lovely and supportive and easy to talk to. I regularly attend the 18 to 25 Gyro group and I have made many friends there who access their services that I could not see my life without them. YPAS has helped me and other friends through difficult situations. Without YPAS I would have not perused higher education, after many failed attempts and got there overwhelmingly successfully and I now have long term career goals because of the supportive and welcoming environment YPAS provides. To say that YPAS has had a positive impact on my life would be an understatement

YPAS has helped me so much in the past year and I’m so thankful for the support I’ve been given. I don’t know how I’d cope without YPAS and the amazing staff and people that I have met there

I want to thank all the staff at YPAS not just the LGBTQ+ groups staff for the amazing support, myself and my 3 children have all had through counselling sessions and support groups. we are blessed to have such a place in Liverpool. More funding is needed though to shorten waiting lists and to be able to keep offering and expand the quality services that our community need and deserve. Thank you YPAS. X

I just want to express my sheer gratitude to YPAS, the staff and the regular attendees/overseers of the Drop-In. Most of all, Id like to say thank you to Andrew Ford. We met in August 2012 when I was just 16 and about to enter Sixth Form (the first time). The warmth which radiated off him during sessions were among the leading components which formed the foundations of my current mental stability. I was angry when I found out about the cuts to YPAS’ budget, feeling annoyed with myself for not being able to help counter the effects of those cuts. As long as I have the means to do so, I will do/give what I can as I refuse to see YPAS go into the ground. Ask Andy or Rowley about me and they’ll tell you that once I’ve decided to do something, then it’s as good as done.

The course with YPAS was brilliant and so helpful me and my child have learnt so much about life and enjoyment, sharing ,loving and respecting. I myself have learnt so many life skills that i would take with me in the future. I believe that this course will improve mine and my child’s life in the future . I would like to thank Gayle and Alex and all the girls on the course for all their help.

I would like to say YPAS is a wonderful service and have really helped my family and myself over the last 14 weeks. I would highly recommend this service to other people. Staff are wonderful and very helpful