Confidentiality & Your Rights


YPAS services are confidential and we will respect that as much as possible, however, if we feel that you or someone else may be at risk of harm we may need to contact someone to ensure your or their safety.

YOUR RIGHTS: While receiving SUPPORT

  • To be treated with respect
  • To see any information that is kept about you
  • To be informed about what we can give you
  • To be included in decisions made about you
  • To decide whether counselling is right for you
  • To complain if you are unhappy about something
  • To receive advice on how to make a complaint

YOUR RIGHTS: While taking part in a group

  • To be treated with respect by staff and group members
  • To see any information that is kept about you
  • To be informed about what we can offer you
  • To use our complaints procedure if you are unhappy about something


The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is an international human rights treaty that grants all children and young people (aged 17 and under) a comprehensive set of rights. It came into force on 15 January 1992 in the UK.

The Convention has 54 articles that cover all aspects of a child’s life and set out the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights that all children everywhere are entitled to. It also explains how adults and governments must work together to make sure all children can enjoy all their rights.

Every child has rights, whatever their ethnicity, gender, religion, language, abilities or any other status.

There are four articles in the convention that are seen as special. They’re known as the “General Principles” and they help to interpret all the other articles and play a fundamental role in realising all the rights in the Convention for all children.


  1. Non-discrimination (article 2)
  2. The best interest of the child (article 3)
  3. Right to life survival and development (article 6)
  4. Right to be heard (article 12)

Read a summary of the UNCRC here.

Read the full UNCRC here.

Read our privacy policy here.


YPAS is a rights respecting organisation and takes a rights based approach to our work. We have embarked on a project to raise awareness of the Rights of Children and Young People. The campaign will inform, educate and empower children and young people about their rights and what they mean and encourage others to learn more.

We have kick started our campaign with x14 videos featuring some of the UNCRC Articles. You can view these videos directly on our YouTube playlist here or visit our rights page.