Young Ambassadors

Our Young Ambassadors

Who Are We?
We are Young Ambassadors for the Young Person’s Advisory Service.

What Do We Do?
Our role is to represent the voice of young people, both locally, regionally and nationally.

How Do We Do This?
We work in partnership with the YPAS Participation Workers and we meet regularly at YPAS to plan our involvement in decision making activities. We also travel to events to influence key decision makers.

Why Do We Do This?
– We want to make sure that young people are at the heart of all decisions made that affect them.
– We want to have a collective voice in our service and wider society.
– We want to develop confidence and new skills for our future.
– We want to educate others about the needs of young people.
– We want to influence and improve services for young people.
– We want to reduce the stigma around mental health and ensure that young people’s mental health remains a priority.

Meet The Team


I go to Young Ambassadors in order to give some of my time back to YPAS. YPAS has helped me with my confidence through its services. During the Young Ambassadors sessions I give my input on improving and helping the service.


Young Ambassadors gives me the opportunity to have greater links in the community that I wouldn’t be able to find otherwise. I feel that overall my skills and personal connections have been enhanced but most importantly, YPAS always welcomes me with a friendly face. Ultimately I know that I will always have somewhere to go and express my voice as a young person, something that I think you wont get anywhere else in this city.


Young ambassadors really helps me to feel my voice matters as a young person.


Hello I’m Siobhan. I love to read, crime stories are my favourites. I’m off to University to study social work.
I became a young ambassador because I am passionate about young peoples rights and advocating to make a change.

Young Peoples Participation - your right to have a say in all issues that effect you

YPAS is a rights respecting organisation and takes a rights based approach to our work. Everybody has Rights no matter their age, who they are or where they are from. Read more about YOUR RIGHTS and why it is important to understand them HERE

Participation Staff

Being a Young Ambassador involves reflecting on YPAS services and how young people’s thoughts and feelings can shape positive change in the way we do things.

As well as being YPAS supporters and representatives at events locally and nationally , we also support young ambassadors to be change makers in the community. If you want to make a difference , and believe that young people can change the world then join us!

We meet at least once per month and we would love to see you there if you have ever used a YPAS service and want to share your ideas for a better service and a better world.

Suziie – YPAS Participation Worker

Come and Join Us!!!

[email protected] or call 07869 270187